Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tanzanian Nutella

I just found Nutella at the Arusha supermarket, and am a very happy person.

We are enjoying our last day in Arusha for the weekend! Today we visited many markets & shops, just relaxing in the busy city. In about an hour there is an SIC barbecue at the office, and then we will leave for Mt. Meru University, where we have been staying for orientation.

Off to another week of classes!

On Friday I move into my homestay in the village. I won't be able to update my blog for another two weeks, so feel free to call me if you can! I also get texts!! (comment on my blog and my mom will send you my number)

Peace & Love,


  1. Carolyn introduced me to Nutella when she came back from Portugal. Those little surprise luxuries are appreciated more aren't they? I am sending more letters in the mail. I hope you get them: Your dad included some very important information about Pizza Hut (knowing your passion for the place.)

    We had some amazing hail and thunderstorms here on Friday at rush hour. Several very large water spouts that looked more like tornadoes developed from Orange Park and traveled all the way up the river toward the Matthews Bridge. They closed the Hart Bridge for a while. Dad and I were over on San Jose Blvd. when we saw a really large one on the river. We pulled over to watch as it traveled north. The weather service was even amazed with the size and how long they lasted and traveled. They didn't do a lot of damage since they stayed over the river, but everyone was really worried because of how large they were - they are usually much thinner and last a very short time. Temperatures are still hovering close to 100 - that way for the last several weeks and not much relief in sight.

    Love you - I will try to keep you updated with information from home while you keep me updated about you.


  2. Hi sweetie,

    It's Landes, This entire journey sounds extremely fun and adventurous. I can't even begin to explain how worried, proud, scared, and happy to know and hear that you are okay and having a blast in Africa. It seems like you're extremely busy and barely have time to breathe. I would love to go Africa I think. I doubt I would walk around much. Do ANYTHING to be honest. But it sounds so cool and so much fun. Have you pooped in a whole yet? Bathed your body next to a river with a bucket? Kidnapped an African baby and named it something that is not culturally relative? Have you found a new African husband to replace Collin (I hope not. I'm sure the new guy can't fly to visit you in Miami)!. Just some questions!

    OHHHHHHHH, I'm in NY. I made it safely. I poop in toilets and shower in bathrooms... and I have free wi-fi and bed (not a cot or hut). :P Basically I'm pointing out the drastic differences between our worlds. BUT I can not wait to see your PICTURES. I'm dying to know what Africa looks like... yeah, a lot of grass, water, DIRT and dark skinned people!

    WAIT, "they", the African non-americans play Scrabble? English or Swahili (thank god for spell check)? Because if it's English you're beating up on the people who will cut you in half and eat you like you're supposed to be dinner. And if it's their language (I'm clearly afraid to type it again) then you're clearly getting your butt whipped.

    It's almost two in the morning! I have dance tomorrow but I needed to check up on my conk-face! I'll shoot you a text soon, something like "Behind you, WATCH OUT, a ZEBRA" or "Please DON'T Flush!".

    Love you and STAY SAFE.... (from those people who would love a little American white girl who thinks walking around in bushes and talking to strangers about AIDs is an adventure -_-)

  3. Momma conk! How can I call sara?