Friday, June 19, 2009

Amsterdam keyboards are very difficult

Hello from Schipol -- Amsterdam!

I spent 3 euros to get online for 15 minutes. I am one flight away from Africa! My plane doesn't leave for another 2 hours so I thought this would pass the time.

So far my flights have been pretty smooth. On my flight from Jacksonville to Detroit I had several embarrasing "sara" moments, that would only make Ross proud. These included: too large of a carry-on had to be stowed in the overhead...consequently I forgot several things and had to ask two very nice gentlemen to constantly get up and down from their seats. I dropped my very important Malaria pill under the person's baggage behind me. My ipod somehow slipped into a whole through the seat-pocket and into the man's seat in front of me. I had to ask this man to stand up so that my hands wouldn't be crawling around by his rear-end to retrieve it. And all this concluded when my backpack's zipper broke and all my stuff when flying.

All this on a 3 hour flight.

I'm waiting for Ana to go to the gate so we can chat before we start boarding. So far no sign of her. I hope her flight was delayed!

Alright I must be off. Next post from AFRICA!


  1. Hi sweetheart!! I can't wait to hear about your travels and that you've made it to Africa safe and sound. I laughed out loud when I imagined all those things happening to you on your 3 hour flight. You made me very proud. Although I hope you didn't really lose anything important. I love you!!!

  2. Bahah. On the plane, you were the annoying girl that made everyone's flight experience miserable. Smooth Sara! I miss you already. It's so weird to wake up (in the evening) and think about my Scurvy being in an entire different world. I'm extremely envious of this journey that has already begun. I mean I doubt I ever to choose to go to Africa (by will) but think about it; you’re 20 years old and have already traveled to so many multicultural places. It's absolutely astonishing viewing your life from outside perspective.

    Do great things!
    And refrain from aggravating any more people. I want you back in one piece!


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  4. I am still trying to learn this blog thing and accidentally posted with your name, Sara. Maybe I will get this thing down before you come home....

    Hello to our traveler! The "sky hooks" worked and got you there safely. Knowing that I can keep in contact by sending mom notes will help your old mom's nerves over the next two months.
    Dad may send you a groaner joke now and then to remind you that he can aggravate you even if you are across the ocean.

    We will be keeping family and friends updated as to when you add to your blog.

    Aunt Carol and Aunt Judy say hi. They will keep up with your blog while on vacation.

    We love you
    Mom and Dad